Divorce On A Budget? It's Possible


It's safe to say that a divorce can be hard at almost any price level. From a bare-bones divorce with only filing fees to astronomical sums spent on legal and court fees. Many of those undergoing a divorce don't realize that they have some control over what is spent. Most want to spend as little as possible when they part ways, so read on and learn how you can do just that.

What Makes a Divorce So Costly?

Contested issues drive divorce costs up. The more you and your spouse can agree on, the more likely you are to experience a lower-cost divorce. For each issue, like child custody or debt you disagree on, you have to add in legal fees, court fees, and other associated fees like the following:

  • Subpoenas when parties fail to disclose their financial dealings
  • Mediators to help resolve issues out of court
  • Child custody evaluators when couples cannot agree on custody and visitation arrangements
  • Trial preparation practices like depositions

On the other hand, couples that agree on many important issues can fold those agreements into a divorce agreement that is ready for the judge's signature.

Spend Money to Save Money

What you must never do, however, is to attempt to save some money by either not hiring a divorce lawyer or trying to find the cheapest lawyer you can. Neither results in a fast and efficient divorce, unfortunately. Rather, find the best lawyer you can afford because they will pay you back in time and money saved on wasteful practices and problems. Your future, particularly your financial future, is too important to overlook when considering your legal counsel.

Dealing With Divorce Costs

Don't hesitate to let your lawyer know your concerns about spending money on a divorce. Once they understand the scope of your divorce situation, ask for an estimate of charges to expect. Open communication is important, and it provides your lawyer with information about your financial situation that can be valuable. If you are unable to afford your legal fees, for instance, because your spouse makes a lot more money than you do, your spouse can be directed to pay your legal fees in some cases. Also, while you do have to pay a mediator to handle your disputes, you will find that it's a lot less expensive than arguing things out in front of a judge.

Speak to a divorce attorney about your divorce and have a meeting of the minds when it comes to legal fees. You must protect your future self from being taken advantage of with a divorce – and that is worth a lot.


20 July 2021

Helping Victims of Domestic Violence

My name is Laura, and I am an attorney specializing in helping clients leave violent marriages. The law can help victims be safe, but many potential clients cannot afford legal services and may be afraid to pursue divorce. They may not be aware of services that have been created to keep them hidden from violent ex-partners and to help them be awarded assets in a divorce so they can provide for themselves and their families. I hope to raise awareness of these issues as well as help direct people in danger to facilities where they can receive guidance and financial assistance.