Could Losing Your Marriage Mean Losing Your Medical Practice? Physicians Need Good Advice During Divorce


One of the biggest financial threats to a thriving medical practice is actually divorce. If you're a physician starting your own practice, you're probably no stranger to the long hours that you need to devote to business -- but that may increase your chances of ending up in divorce court. Doctors have a 10%-20% greater risk of divorce than the average individual -- which means that doctors need to understand what they can do to keep their personal lives from destroying their professional ones.

4 October 2017

Caught In The Middle: Pets And Divorce


Of all the issues to battle about during a divorce, pets can come a close second to children in evoking emotional and contentious reactions. Both of you may consider the pet "yours," and when you no longer care to spend time in each other's company, that can present a few dilemmas. Read on for a better understanding of how the law looks at "pet custody." Pets may not seem like property, but they are.

22 February 2017