What Is Your Burn Injury Worth?


Burns can be deadly and physically devastating. Do you think you might have a strong personal injury case after being burned? Read on to learn more about the value of your case.

What Is the Value of Your Burn Lawsuit?

Every burn injury is different, and your burn may come with disabilities, disfigurements, and other traumatic things that can lead to physical, emotional, and mental detriments. This can include PTSD and depression. Of course, all of these things also come with financial concerns. So what is your case worth?

Medical Bills

Your hospital bills, both past and future, will make an impact on your lawsuit. Burns take a long time to heal, and you may have to be in the hospital for quite a while. After a hospital stay, you may need to undergo physical therapy and rehabilitation. The more medical care you have to receive, the more money you may be compensated for in this part of your lawsuit.


If you have a long-term disability, you may have additional damages you can pursue in court. Your disability may be permanent, meaning you have to make modifications t your home and vehicles. You may also have to move out of your current home.

Pain & Suffering

Emotional damages like pain and suffering are considered non-economic. They do not have a specific bill that allows you to quantify your pain, but you can certainly prove that your burn led to a diminished quality of life for you.

Lost Wages

After a serious burn, you are likely to experience some losses related to your work. This may include losses to your future earning capacity as well as the wages you lost while you were recovering from your injury or in the hospital.

What Should You Do Next?

If you believe that you have a strong case after experiencing a burn injury, you may not be sure what to do next. In fact, you might not even realize that there are multiple people who may be liable for your injury. Those who may be liable include product manufacturers, employers, drivers, business owners, municipalities, and property owners.

Are you curious about your burn injury? If you think you have a strong case, contact a personal injury attorney, like those at Maruca Law, today. You have more options than you think, and your attorney can help you recover your losses so you can breathe easy once again.


27 April 2020

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