Why Do I Need A Misdemeanor Defense Attorney?


Being arrested for a crime is often a life-altering and traumatic experience.  Being stripped of your freedom, albeit momentarily, can be horrifying.  Then, waiting for your fate to unravel can prove to be so worrisome and stressful that a lot of people actually sign plea deals just to close the case more quickly.  Unfortunately, signing a plea deal too fast may negatively affect those charged, making the situation even worse than they had ever imagined.

When this occurs, those charged need an advocate who understands the arrest process and is capable of providing a good defense.  While misdemeanors are generally less severe than felonies, charges should not be neglected or taken lightly.  Charges including drug possession, driving under the influence, prostitution and petty theft are capable of following those convicted for years like a dark shadow.  Despite what many may believe, not all misdemeanors can be expunged from a record.  After an individual has been charged with a misdemeanor crime, a defense lawyer should be contacted immediately.  A misdemeanor defense attorney will work incessantly on your behalf before a conviction has been entered. 

Esteemed and trustworthy misdemeanor defense lawyers are aggressive and confidential on all criminal and personal matters.  Criminal accusations can be overwhelming and calamitous to individuals and their loved ones.  If a misdemeanor defense lawyer is not proactively contacted by someone who has been charged, they are more apt to be convicted of the crime.  It is everyone's right to receive representation by a lawyer throughout a criminal case.  As part of the process, misdemeanor defense lawyers investigate each case, carefully analyze the evidence and ultimately craft a defense strategy for their client.  Additionally, a defense counsel will protect your rights so that they are not violated throughout each step of the process.

It is also important to understand that each state has varying sentencing protocols for the different types of crimes.  While some states discipline crimes based upon class, others punish based upon an individual crime.  Past criminal history, case circumstances and a number of other factors will ultimately determine the outcome of each case.  Class A misdemeanors are more severe than Class B or C misdemeanors, meaning harsher punishments for those convicted of the crime.  Such sanctions could include up to one year in jail, fines, monetary restitution, and probation for up to two years.  While punishment may be in order, a dependable misdemeanor defense lawyer will do everything possible to ensure the most positive outcome.

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11 February 2018

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