Getting Divorced? Learn How To Have Successful Divorce Proceedings


The divorce process is physically, mentally, and emotionally draining. You'll be fighting for a lot of things that you feel are rightfully yours, which could range from property of your home to custody of your children. If you cannot compromise with your spouse, the tough decisions will be made by a judge. Here are some tips that can help you get the results you want from the divorce proceedings in court.

Consider Your Wardrobe

Part of getting the results you want is dressing the part. What you wear says a lot about the kind of person you are, especially when you are in front of a judge who doesn't know everything about your personal history. If you are not dressed properly and your spouse shows up in a nice suit, it can make you look like you are not taking the divorce proceedings seriously.

Don't Get Too Emotional

Don't make the mistake of thinking that showing your emotions in court will cause the judge to have pity on you when it comes to their decision. There is no guarantee that crying will get what you want, and could actually make the situation worse. You do not want to come off as someone who is faking their emotions to try to sway a judge. Always be confident in everything that you do.

Document Your Behavior and Your Spouse's Behavior

Since the judge doesn't know your personal life, what happens outside of the courtroom needs to be shown for the judge to make a proper judgment. If you are battling over something as crucial as custody of a child, it helps to document your spouse's behavior to help prove that you are the better parent.

For example, you can make a log of who does all of the meal preparation when both parents are at home, or who is the parent that helps with homework on a nightly basis. Your spouse is not going to confess to their lack of dedication to their family, and having documentation will help prove that you are a better fit to have custody of a child.

The same logic applies to if you are battling for custody of a pet. Proving that you are the one that cares for the pet by taking them for walks or to the vet can show that you will continue to take care of them after the divorce.

For more help putting your best foot forward in court, work with a local family law attorney. 


22 July 2016

Helping Victims of Domestic Violence

My name is Laura, and I am an attorney specializing in helping clients leave violent marriages. The law can help victims be safe, but many potential clients cannot afford legal services and may be afraid to pursue divorce. They may not be aware of services that have been created to keep them hidden from violent ex-partners and to help them be awarded assets in a divorce so they can provide for themselves and their families. I hope to raise awareness of these issues as well as help direct people in danger to facilities where they can receive guidance and financial assistance.