Why You May Need An Attorney For An Inherited Estate And Divorce Issue


Life can be complicated and sometimes there is more than one thing to deal with at once. If you've had a parent pass away and you're currently going through a divorce as well, you'll have to consider all of the assets involved before anything can be finalized. While you'd like to easily sort through your parent's assets and estate and wrap everything up quickly, keep in mind that your spouse may also be entitled to some of the property as well. It's important to seek legal counsel right away to ensure that you're protected throughout the probate process. Here are a few reasons why you should consider hiring a qualified attorney if you've recently acquired an estate.

Sorting Through Probate Administration 

If you've granted any type of asset or monetary funds from a Will, you'll need to seek legal counsel about your rights and responsibilities. If you're going through a divorce, some of these assets must be distributed or settled with your spouse before your divorce is granted. If you've been granted an inheritance before your divorce is final, all aspects of the estate must be settled before you can finalize the divorce, including splitting or distributing funds to your spouse. Whether you're an executor on the Will or not, you still have to go through probate administration to complete the splitting of assets. If you dispute how your loved one's estate is being handled or distributed, contact an attorney who specializes in probate issues. A probate attorney can help represent you in court or negotiate with other parties listed on the Will.  

Protecting Your Family's Personal Belongings

Going through a divorce means not only splitting assets but also deciding which family heirlooms go where. Some heirlooms may hold more sentimental value than net worth, and this could cause a significant delay in finalizing a Will and a divorce. A good probate attorney will be able to utilize his negotiating skills to help you get your favorite furniture piece or multiple-generation jewelry set that has precious value to you.

Ensuring Timely Filing

With many Wills and estate distribution cases, time is of the essence. Filing a lawsuit to acquire certain funds or assets needs to be done before a Will is executed. Failure to do so could cause you to lose your rights to what's yours as stated in the Will. If you're going through a divorce, you'll want to make sure your attorney will help you retain as much of your inheritance as possible, while still being fair to your spouse.

Handling All Of Your Legal Issues Simultaneously

A multi-faceted lawyer is the best option if you wish to minimize your appearance in multiple court cases. This may be the case if you're experiencing multiple legal woes including:

  • Will and estate disputes
  • Inheritance distribution problems
  • Protection of existing assets and inheritance funds
  • Divorce and child support issues
  • Possible bankruptcy or creditor concerns

A lawyer who can represent your case in both probate and civil court may be able to combine your cases and simplify the process of going through lengthy court hearings.

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9 February 2016

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