Why A Family Lawyer Is Needed If A Bad Marriage Can Possibly Be Saved


Have you become frustrated with your bad marriage but have no idea how to settle the situation? If you are confused as to whether or not the marriage should end in divorce, the best thing to do is get assistance from a family lawyer, such as Stephen J Weisbrod Esq Law. Discover in this article what a family lawyer can do to help you get to the bottom of your dysfunctional marriage so you and your spouse can move forward.

What Goes on During the Initial Meeting with a Family Lawyer?

It is a good idea for you and your spouse to attend the initial consultation with the lawyer. He or she will want to hear an explanation from each of you as to why the marriage is in such a bad condition. If there is a risk of you and your spouse getting into a heated argument during the consultation, the lawyer may opt for setting up separate appointments. The lawyer will want to know about marital debts, affairs, assets and if you and your spouse have children together. The consultation will allow him or her to get an idea of what might be causing you and your spouse to not get along.

What Might a Family Lawyer Suggest to Resolve the Situation?

If it is determined that there is hope for the marital problems to be resolved, the lawyer may recommend separation instead of divorce. Separation will allow you and your spouse to stay married without living under the same roof, which can relieve a lot stress. The duration of separation will depend on the progress of the situation, and it is likely that the lawyer will recommend marriage counseling during that time. You and your spouse will basically have to learn how to communicate and let go of things that are in the past.

What Happens with Mutual Assets During Separation?

The marriage assets can be divided during the separation period. You and your spouse can determine who will keep what. A custody agreement will also be made if there are any children in the marriage. Marital debts will also be divided to make sure that they are getting paid off. It is possible for the lawyer to assist with setting up an arranging for spousal support if you or your spouse needs it. For instance, the spouse that was the financial provider may have to give the other spouse money until he or she finds a job. Talk to a family lawyer to bring your marriage back to a peaceful condition!


5 December 2015

Helping Victims of Domestic Violence

My name is Laura, and I am an attorney specializing in helping clients leave violent marriages. The law can help victims be safe, but many potential clients cannot afford legal services and may be afraid to pursue divorce. They may not be aware of services that have been created to keep them hidden from violent ex-partners and to help them be awarded assets in a divorce so they can provide for themselves and their families. I hope to raise awareness of these issues as well as help direct people in danger to facilities where they can receive guidance and financial assistance.