Alienation Of Parental Affection: Is It Real, Or Made Up?


You have probably seen TV shows or famous courtroom dramas playing out involving the alleged "alienation of parental affection," but is such an allegation real? If so, is it something that applies to your own custody issues in family and divorce court? These are all questions your family law attorney can answer, but typically these are the real views and opinions on "alienation of parental affection."

Admitted or Dismissed Parental Alienation Syndrome

Parental Alienation Syndrome, or PAS, was often thought of as a real psychological diagnosis in most child custody cases. Still, it was difficult to prove, and eventually it was ruled as "junk psychiatry" when it could be proven that there were other reasons why children preferred one parent over another or had trouble expressing their affection for the non-custodial or secondary placement parent. Instead, it is more accurate to say that PAS is caused by one parent coercing and manipulating a child into believing untruthful things about the other parent or teaching the child to completely distrust the other parent, which may also be referred to as brainwashing.

How to Tell If Brainwashing or PAS Applies to Your Case

If your child once had a very good, healthy and loving relationship with you and suddenly starts screaming at the sight of you or acts out in ways that are very bizarre, you will first want to consult with a child therapist or psychologist. The therapist or psychologist may be able to coax your child into talking about why he or she responds to you the way that he or she does. If the therapist or psychologist uncovers evidence that your ex is attempting to brainwash your child into thinking you are a monster and not a loving parent, then you might have a case for "alienation of parental affection," but more or less your lawyer will probably refer to your ex's actions as brainwashing, since very few courts are willing to accept PAS as a real problem.

How Your Ex's Actions Work Against Him/Her

When there is valid and solid evidence that your child is emotionally and psychologically traumatized and manipulated into running away from you in terror because of your ex's actions, it does work in your favor for custody. Your family lawyer will not be able to get the courts to cut off all contact between your child and your ex, regardless of what is happening, but your lawyer, with a guardian ad litem, may be able to recommend supervised visits such that your ex cannot continue to brainwash your child. The supervised visits will stop any opportunity your ex has for hostile and unpleasant interactions or tactics, and any further evidence of such behavior may seriously limit his or her custody and visitation rights.

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24 August 2015

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