What Is Happening With Your Social Security Disability Application?


The application process for gaining Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits can be lengthy and it can be difficult to be patient. Behind the scenes, your application is proceeding slowly but surely through a multi-step process that can take several months. To help you understand what is taking so long, you might want to take a look at what is happening with your SSDI application. Read on for an overview of the application process.

14 October 2019

What Factors Courts Look At When Deciding Who Gets Custody Of A Pet


Pets are considered property and as such, judges or courts may have the final say over who gets awarded a pet during divorce proceedings. If you have a pet who you love dearly, you may be wondering what factors the courts look at when deciding who gets custody or possession of a pet. If One Party Owned the Pet Prior to the Marriage One of the factors that the courts will look at when deciding who gets custody of a pet is whether one party owned the pet prior to the marriage.

5 August 2019

How Are Retirement Accounts Handled During Divorce?


Dividing assets is one of the main challenges when getting divorced. When most couples get married, the possibility of divorce is never planned for. This means that their assets are also handled in a manner that doesn't make the division any easier when they decide to go their separate ways. In certain cases, there are assets that you may not even know whether or not you're entitled to them. Retirement accounts, for instance, can be a controversial issue.

29 May 2019

Should You Discuss Your STD Condition With Sex Partners?


Safe sex practices are important for a variety of reasons, including preventing an unwanted pregnancy or the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases. If you have an STD, it is crucial that you communicate your condition with your partner so everyone is aware of the necessary precautions. If you have an illness and you are not transparent with your partner, and consequently transmit the disease to your partner, you can be held criminally liable for infecting a person without his or her knowledge.

26 February 2019

Challenge Accusations Of Child Abuse During A Divorce In These Ways


During a contentious divorce, you shouldn't be surprised to hear some hurtful accusations from your spouse — including many that are unequivocally untrue. For example, your spouse may make up allegations that you committed infidelity during your marriage, even if this was not the case. One shocking accusation that you might hear is that you abused your children. Your spouse may fabricate such a claim because he or she wants to get full custody, perhaps as an angry reaction to you filing for divorce.

22 January 2019

Three Times That You Should Hire A Family Attorney When Adopting A Child


Adopting a child is a way to give back to your community and enrich not only the child's life, but also your own life. Before you can sign the paperwork to officially take guardianship of a child, there are a number of steps that you must complete. While you can go through most of these steps on your own and with the help of the adoption agency, it doesn't hurt to get a family attorney on your side.

28 November 2018

Why You Should Always Attempt Mediation During Divorce Proceedings


If you are ending a marriage on bad terms, you may think it is best to go straight to court to make some big decisions about how the marriage will end. However, this could be a big mistake. It is always a good idea to go through mediation when settling a divorce for the following reasons. You Retain Control Mediation may require talking to your spouse and making compromises, but it puts the two of you in control throughout your divorce proceedings.

24 October 2018